It is my pleasure to present this brand profile of the George Mason University message and look. This guide represents a leap forward in our communications, and I am eager for all of us to put it to good use.

Branding is essential in any competitive marketplace. A strong brand commands attention and allows an institution to stand apart from its peers. We all have our personal preferences for brands, whether it’s the kind of phone we use, the beverages we drink, the airlines we fly, or the cars we drive. The bigger the decision, the greater the importance we place on brand.

Education is no exception. We ask people to choose George Mason over other universities. Why should they come here? At the end of the day, our core messages provide an answer to that question.

One of Mason’s greatest strengths is its diversity. We have thousands of unique voices at this university. That diversity drives our ideas and makes us an exciting place to learn. Each of you has your own area of expertise, and we want you to embrace that.

Yet we share common principles and values that allow us to speak together with one voice. That is our brand. It binds our accomplishments and strengths, shapes our identity, and helps us move forward. It’s our way of telling our most compelling stories.

The point of these messages is to leverage our experience, raise our collective profile, and create a standard of consistency to our communications. Speaking together, we can build a stronger image, support our strategic priorities, and thrive as one institution. We can bring more attention to our research and faculty, attract more students and donors, and position our graduates for the best possible future.

I urge each of you to spend some time with this guide. Flip through these pages, and find your voice here. You won’t be surprised with what you read. This is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s send a powerful message that shows Mason really is the best university for the world.

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Ángel Cabrera