Visual Identity and Style

The Visuals that Support the Mason Brand

Simply put, visual identity is the combination of logo or brand mark with fonts, color palette, and imagery to form a unique and easily recognizable visual presence or design style. Done well, a visual identity carves out your place in the market by distinguishing it from competing interests. A consistently used and well-crafted identity gives visual life to your brand and drives all marketing and advertising communications. It is the public face of the brand—conveying our core values and attributes, distinctive personality, mission and purpose, and promise of quality.

The university’s strategic plan calls for us, as an institution, to elevate public awareness of George Mason University. All of the goals outlined in the strategic plan will benefit from a strong university brand. To that end, the Office of Communications and Marketing has created a strong and distinctive brand.

Our visual style supports and reflects the university’s messaging and brand profile language, and together they create the university’s brand.

In this section we’ll cover